Online Library of JLU.

Press Release - Jul 13, 2020

How can i get as Section 11 (health care) staff accessibility virtual selection from the University or college of Giessen.

At this point, for all your accessibility unlocked via the selection techniques JLU magazines and databases existed (in the sites on the yellowish dot obvious). Is in the future a change occur, because the contracts write my paper for cheap for access to said electronic resources permit access only to members of JLU. Here and however Since the staff members are members of the Institution Medical facility due to privatization will no longer be the college or university, get is blocked by some libraries for the kids. Certainly, unaffected by all openly available electronic digital solutions (databases and journals with a natural green dot along with the catalogues of the collection method).

People in the FB 11, for instance Professor / in, the educational personnel / inside of and also other staff with college deal, continue to be members of the University or college and authorized gain access to it. On the contractually expected gain access to limited to people in the FB 11 make certain a specialized option has long been put in. People in the FB 11 can verify using their famous identifiers (password and username GIFONET) in Gifonet Faster way conversation about the reduce left option “Virtual Local library of the College or university” and after that get the complete deal in the selection technique.

For everyone recorded towards the domain name GIFONET person weblink “GIFONET” is usually to commence the Quick way conversation about the desk top.

Assuming you have startup troubles, make sure you speak to our hotline (40177) can be obtained. Here you should also contact if you count your estimation, to the members of the FB 11, but fails authentication.

If you by way of a low-stationed at the healthcare facility computer systems call for entry (for dialing in by means of modem, ISDN or DSL) is to establish the connection via the Gifonet Shortcut dialog as well sluggish, as the information from the identified as web browser every time new to the computer is duplicated. Otherwise, the internet browser (Web Explorer, Firefox, and so forth. ), a proxy be listed using the also the gain access to is enabled on the library.

It must be noted that the call to Web pages with the proxy to internal pages is not possible, however. Because of this, our recommendation is that you can either purchase a browser parallel towards your go into default web browser, or define a user profile from the browser.

When I use Online world Explorer:

The installation of Firefox And settings.

Below you can download and install the newest edition of Firefox.

Immediately after installation, you make the proxy in Firefox you should adhering to configurations to configure.

Relationship Environments, pick the “Manually operated proxy design”.

There being a HTTP proxy ubproxy. Med. the identity and enter into the port 3128th

Next, the strong link to the address need to http: //www. be probable.

As I use Web Explorer and Firefox:

Determine information in Firefox.

If you already use Firefox, you should configure the library access an extra profile. It goes as follows:

Close First all open up microsoft windows from Firefox. Make sure you check Function “Per cent Software Computer files% Mozilla Firefox firefox. Exe” -p and ensure with “alright”. Now the report supervisor should really Firefox seem to be. Now make a new report called “Catalogue Get” and take away next the hook “When you begin not consult. ”

Each time the report manager will turn up. Now decide on the user profile “Selection Access” you freshly take and created there the subsequent arrangement:

Internet connection Settings select (on a Mac pc withAdjustments) the “Guidebook proxy configuration” and also there.